Study coffee spots as a trend

The last few years, there is an upwards trend regarding public study spaces, where people of all ages can enjoy beverages, snacks and coffee while studying or working. Most of them, bring along their laptops, books and tablets and there is usually power sockets available on every desk, free wifi and some spaces even play relaxing music or offer absolute silence.

Those spaces, are designed in a way that enhances productivity and promotes collaboration between students and independent workers. You can see them making new friends often and even hanging out together.

Due to the increase of students all around the world, lots of cafeterias have transformed theirselves into study rooms/spots. It’s quite an unusual phenomenon, that has evolved to meet today’s needs. Not only do they combine studying with enjoynment, but also they offer unique working environment with very nice conditions!

For instance, lots of those spaces, have altered their interior design, such as by providing adequate study lighting or even adding abundant power sockets all around, as I mentioned before. Needs have changed, so has the design. And that’s because people have an urged need to be productive, time conscious and at the same time, enjoy their coffee without abstaining from their liabilities.

For the above reasons, I have gathered some pictures to show you how much a usual/traditional cafeteria has changed.


Here, we can see study room «Poirot«, located in Patras, Greece. Long comfy desks and a garden view can be an ideal space to study or work.


Next is study room «Βιβλιοθήκη» (Vivliothiki, greek word for library). It’s a two storey old bulding with vintage decoration. It’s very quiet and an old woman who is an architect, the owner, will offer you her advice on choosing the right book for you or a good conversation, anytime you need it.


«Tag» is the first study room in Patras. It is comprised of a bigger space which is a normal cafeteria with loud music and a smaller one, which is the study room. It is seperated by a wide glass door and you can barely hear any music, known as the quiet room.


Last but not least, this is «Discover Your Way«, also located in Patras. It is close to the most popular pedestrian street, Riga Feraiou. It is a two storey stone building, offering not only the best desks and chairs to study and work, but it is also one of the biggest book stores in the city. You can drink the cheapest coffees and excellent snacks and salads.



«Discover Your Way» building facade.


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