Being a volunteer in the European Laser 4.7 Youth Championships 2018 (Video+Photos)

As a volunteer, I had the chance to take part in this great athletic event that took place in the city of Patras in Greece. The weather today (04/13/18) was pretty amazing, as the temperature was over 26°C for almost all of the afternoon! We needed a hat and a lot of sunscreen for being for so long under the strong sun.

We helped the athletes with their trailers and we even gave them a hand to pull their lasers on the beach and drag them to their parking spots. I have to admit that pulling a laser on it’s trailer, through the sand, was a bit difficult. The wheels were slowly burried in the sand and they were also quite resistant while trying to drag the whole laser out of the sea. I loved that I met so many nice people from so many countries. Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!

All in all, everything went smoothly and my experience as a volunteer in the European Laser 4.7 Championships was absolutely wonderful!


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