What happened to me when I started using organic skincare products?

….. in a few words almost everything I had dreamed of during the last years.

Even though I have always believed in the power of nature, systematic marketing had disoriented me so much that it took me a very long time to change my beliefs and to finally choose the right path for me.

And it was a decision that would radically change both my habits and my appearance!

Organic cosmetics, especially organic care products, since the day I decided to integrate them into my daily routine, for the first time in my life I had real results. Not only have I never been disappointed by them, but I am also still counting their multiple benefits!


The main reasons I switched to organic

The two most important reasons that pushed me to turn completely into non-toxic products and mainly organic, were my struggles against cystic acne that troubled me for 12 years (I had even tried the known roacutane treatment that actually never cured me) and the fact that I became conscious of the health hazards of all conventional commercial cosmetics and the toxic chemical additives they contain (aka those substances that give the appropriate texture, color, shelf life, etc. to the products), while I was studying for my Master’s in Environmental Sciences.


The way I now see beauty products has changed so so much that I can totally erase from my memory my old and ineffectual beauty routine which, besides money, was incredibly exhausting and patience consuming.

Not only have I never been benefited from conventional beauty products, but also I was being fooled by their fancy labels and promises, resulting to losing my hope. The worst of all was that all sorts of «dirty» substances, from oil derivatives, to dangerous conservatives, were being accumulated in my body since I was a teenager.

How do addictive toxic chemicals work?

As I have written in previous posts, skin is the largest organ of the human body and what we apply on it, from a body lotion to our mascara or perfume, is absorbed very quickly and all of those toxic substances end up inside of us.

Unfortunately, there are too many cases of cancers, allergies, hormonal disorders, etc., related with the ongoing scientific studies on how the additional toxic chemical components work inside the human body, as well as in the environment. It is now clear that these substances are not safe for the health of consumers, nor the environment.

What really changed on me

First of all, the appearance of my skin changed dramatically.

My very first organic product was an organic, cold-pressed argan oil, brought to me by a couple of friends from their trip to Tunisia. I had previously read its benefits in an article in a magazine concerning green beauty and I thought it would be nice to give it a try.

Indeed, within 1 week of using it devoutly every night, I found that the persistent and chronic acne on my chin had shrunk so much. At the same time, I noticed that my fine lines had been softened and so I decided to use it every morning instead of my conventional moisturizing cream. The result? My acne shrunk so much that it almost disappeared within 3 weeks of everyday use.

What a pile of creams and medications couldn’t do for so many years, a simple bottle of pure, organic argan oil finally did! I also discovered that my argan oil was the perfect base (primer) for my makeup. So many benefits, all coming from a single plant oil!

Free of acne for the first time, after 12 years. That was an apocalypse for me. I had just discovered a treasure. I always knew instinctively that nature was holding all the answers I needed… and it did.

I had already fallen in love with my first organic product and I decided to never go back to my old non-effective and totally toxic routines.

Meanwhile, I was systematically reading about the benefits of the ancient method of oil cleansing. As I have written in a similar post, my very first «green» order through internet, was an organic oil blend from Canada, with which I began to wash my face in the morning and evening with the use of a soft wet towel .

Not only my pores never clogged -as perhaps some would have believed-, but I have a deep cleanse that never creates any new pimples. None of my previous cleansing soaps can compare with it … Those products always let me dry and dehydrated from the natural oils of the skin, making my skin rough, dull and even making me look older! Makeup could never be applied well on it, even when applied over a moisturizing cream. These are things I just really want to forget!

In the months that followed (and of course when my budget let me), I began gradually to order a few more organic products, trying to slowly replace the conventional ones I used.

So, my second great breakthrough was the mineral powder! With just five ingredients, this powder not only gives a great cover, but when applied on the skin, it also provides us with a lot of benefits … Who would believe it? I accidentally slept with the powder on some nights that I was incredibly tired to remove my makeup and in the morning I woke up with a lustrous, shiny skin. For the second time, what else could I ask for? Of course, you still have to remove makeup from your skin every night!

My third discovery was an organic shampoo and an organic conditioner! In the past, I could have never imagined that two completely natural products could meet my hair’s needs so well. They might be more expensive than the conventional hair products you find at the super market, but they are an excellent investment for health and hair strengthening. In fact, whenever I use the organic conditioner I don’t even need a hair mask. My hair is easily combed, it’s soft and shiny and the lenghts are still looking quite good.

And of course I have to say that since I started using these pure and toxic-free chemicals, I began to feel good with my choices, more conscious, satisfied and of course free of anxiety and guilt, both for myself and the environment.

So when I replaced so successfully 8 conventional products (moisturizing cream, acne cream, eye serum, powder, shampoo, softener, hair mask, face cleansing soap) with the 5 organic products that I mentioned previously in this post, I decided to experiment a little more with the world of green and pure beauty.

And that’s how this beautiful (green) journey started for me!

It’s almost been two years since I switched to non-toxic cosmetics and skin/hair products and I am still experiencing all the benefits that nature can give us, noticing a daily improvement in my skin, hair, body and mood…


I have stated again and again how much I love anything organic now. It is really great to feel that what you put on you, benefits you so much without damaging your precious health or our sensitive environment.

Have you experienced any significant changes in your appearance with the use of organic products? If yes, please share them in the comments below!

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Bye for now guys!


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p.s. This article does not replace any medical opinion, diagnosis or treatment. This article merely expresses the author’s opinion.

Photo by Sarah Gray on Unsplash, Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash, Photo by Drew Saurus on Unsplash, Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash


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