Project: Walking. 6 things that drastically changed my body

This is probably one of the most personal articles I have written so far.

It is a personal experience about the best – in my opinion – kind of sport, walking.

There are countless published articles about sports, both scientific & amateur, tutorials, dozens of different types of workouts, sport trends and of course classic sports.

With such a wide range available, you have the choice to choose exactly what suits you. You can experiment & see what you like & what you don’ t ..

But what if you start enthusiastically a sport or the gym and you give it up easily? What is usually your next step? Do you become frustrated & quit working out completely?

Many of us have experienced that in the past. We enrolled to a gym and after a few days, we lost our initial motive and finally quit.

If your main goal is to maintain your health, improve your appearance & maintain a constant weight or even reduce it, you should stop asking yourself when to enroll to the gym or when to start that sport you thought it would suit you, but eventually you realize it’s not for you.

If you really want to do something good for your health and appearance, do the simplest sport in the world, because it’s the only one that you do not have to pay for and can be fully integrated into your everyday life.

Walking fits into the program of most, has no particular requirement, over a pair of comfortable athletic shoes.


Because the best gym is the one you can devote yourself to & be loyal for a longer time, walking – as simple as it sounds – is the only sport that can offer you this.

So, the last year I did the experiment of the systematic walking and in this article I will share with you all of the benefits I have gained so far.

1. The diameter of my waist is reduced. Due to chronic anxiety, the stress hormone which is cortisol was carrying fat around my waist from other parts of the body such as the thighs. And I did not even have that matter in my body before. But systematic walking helped me drastically. A year later, I see the waist being fine again (as it was when I was 22).

2. My calves, thighs and buttocks are tight. I have seen a significant difference. This year, for the first time, I have a prominent line at the bottom of the calf, it is separated and is even more pronounced when I wear a tall shoe. My thighs are much more tighter and their natural curves are standing out. Generally my legs look more straight & strong. The buttocks are much tighter and have been “lifted” without even having done any squats.


3. My upper abs now stand out. Actually, I have always had a flat belly. This time, however, my stomach is more straight, tighter & most importantly.. I can see my two upper abdomens. I cannot say the same thing about the lower abdomen.

4. I forget the problems of the day and at the same time I reduce my stress levels. Whenever I walk, I feel my mind grow, I see everything more globally, I feel more relaxed & calm, and at the end of the journey I definitely have more energy and less anger. For me, walking is an active meditation, especially those times when I manage to completely empty my mind from thoughts.

5. My mood rises and I feel happier! I usually walk with headphones and listen to motivational music. Also, Zen music helps me concentrate on my activity and not on negative thoughts.

6. I maintain the same weight for a year now very constant, with a tendency to lose from time to time when for whatever reason I do not eat the necessary daily amount of food. I sometimes miss meals, again in times of stress or of many obligations.

And at this point I will answer a few questions about the way I walk


1. I walk 5-7 km / day (5 days / week).
2. I burn about 200 – 300 calories / day.
3. The average speed I’m reaching according to the app I’m using, Samsung Health, is   5-5.5 km / h. Generally, I take wide steps.
4.  I always wear athletic shoes, leggings or shorts – depending on the season -.
5. I never walk when the temperature is above 35 ° C or below 8 ° C.
6. I usually listen to music on my mobile Mp3 player.
7. I always carry a bottle of water with me.
8. In the summer I always wear hat, glasses (and sunscreen on skin exposed in the sun).

tip 1: Start with a slow walk & lift after the first 10 minutes.

tip 2: Always watch out the vehicles when walking. Keep your mind as many people do not follow the traffic code, nor do they seem to respect the pedestrians.

The changes in my body gradually became more apparent after 6 months. Walking requires patience and dedication to deliver results.

p.s. This article is not a medical opinion, diagnosis or treatment. Only the views of the author are expressed. If you have any health problems, consult your doctor first about any kind of sport activity you plan to initiate.
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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash, Photo by Javier García on Unsplash, Photo by Wesley Quinn on Unsplash

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