My hair journey | From totally destroyed to what I have today (+Slideshow)

At the age of 18, I had my hair highlighted for the first time. Since then I have experimented with various colours, always around brown and blonde shades, but the sneaky «enemy» was the bleached highlights on my natural dark brown color.

The frequent repetitions of retouching the highlights, made my hair lengths break like crazy, so for many years I was being told by a lot of people I knew and I came across randomly in the street, that my «new haircut suits me great«! Every time I was hearing that, I was shocked (because I hadn’t cut my hair for a long time and I was terified to actually realize that my hair was so greatly damaged that it was looking shorter and shorter.. ).

One day I realized the magnitude of the damage that had happened to my hair, so I decided to sacrifice the blonde highlights that I loved, in order to get healthy hair (and finally see them grow for the first time after graduating high school) ..!

So, three years ago, I dyed my hair a chestnut colour (my natural colour is number 5 and I used a number 7 dye) and I just let them be…. I let them breathe…

As the time was passing by, my joy of looking at the healthy roots and baby hair was so big, that I didn’t even care for the first white hairs that popped up!

But how did I finally manage to lengthen my hair?

Briefly, I am mentioning the following 12 hair tips that I followed vigorously for more than 3 years.

I was armed with patience and avoided any temptations for highlights.
I sacrificed the color that I loved, so that the new hair could grow healthy.
I never used again any plastic or metallic brush (they used to break my fine hair so much & create split ends), but just a wide-teeth comb.
I reduced heat and I hid my hair iron. I straighten my hair with a hair dryer only once a week, without insisting on the ends.
I used a strong mask after each wash (I used to leave it 5-20 min each time ..).
I made a natural mask and spread it all over the scalp. It was made of egg (for protein, which is the structural material of the hair) and olive oil (to make hair softer) once a week.
I avoided using any elastics on my hair (and when I did the grip was loose).
Instead of a conventional hair oil, I used natural oils, like a few drops of almond oil or argan oil (which is my favourite) especially on my ends.
Before straightening, I always used thermoprotective cream.
– I used to drink a lot of water and that routine made my hair more moisturized.

I ate healthy foods rich in protein, iron, minerals and vitamins (and nuts for snacks like almonds, peanuts, cashews, etc.).
I reduced the frequency of washing my hair to 1- 2 times / week.

  • my hair is naturally light wavy
  • I haven’t had a haircut the last 3 years, not even a trim (too bad, I know). I just wanted it to grow naturally and watch the rest of the hair how will eventually react

All of the above habits let my hair grow healthy, but my ends are still affected by the old dyes and old highlights and never came back to a healthy state (they lack strength, volume and elasticity and they may have to be cut), and also the brown dye faded over time and now it’s as if I have ombre with some old highlights left in._

Watch my hair grow longer in the following pictures…

Το σλάιντ απαιτεί την χρήση JavaScript.

I am still struggling to learn more and practice all the right habits in order to have longer and healthier hair. Strong hair makes me feel stronger and raises my self-confidence.

All of the above 12 hair tips mainly belong to my old routine. Lately I have added a few new habits that include natural and green beauty products, DIYs and a more healthy diet.

Soon I will be posting an article on my new hair care routine and the natural products I have been using to get longer and stronger hair.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

I would love to read your stories on your hair journeys in my comments below!

Until next time…

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