My own little story of «Little Prince»

One promise I have to make to you all. I will never let my inner world get old. As our beloved Little Prince said…


And when I realize that I sometimes forget how I was feeling as a child, enthusiastic and cheerful, I get mad at me. So this bad habit I have to change!

However, this post is not about growing up.

It is about meeting someone and become friends. Not anyone. Specifically, meeting someone who comes from a country of almost 1.5 billion people. And meeting him/her in your own country, among 10 million people, in your city of 300.000 people and at your University of aprox. 21.000 students.

And become friends, just like that.

As Little Prince said…


How many could ever the posibillities be to making a friend under the influence of all those huge numbers?

A lot actually. Is it Karma? Is it just luck when we talk about 1 in a billion chances? But it does happen. And it happened to me. And I am more than glad!

And yes, you actually know deep inside if that other person really suits your own character and personality -and that is pretty difficult to find anyway- , let alone meeting that specific person among 1.5 billion people or even more, among two different countries and two different continents, almost at your doorstep.

This is when life trully inspires me. It is when it brings me moments of happiness out of nowhere, it is when it creates the best memories and honestly, when it teaches lessons such as never giving up your hope to meet a trully good friend in your life.


Yes, you never know where your alter egos at life might be. I bet they are born but are living somewhere far from you, yet as long as you breathe, you might have the chance to meet them somewhere someday, when the time is right.

It only takes some good positive vibes and to learn how to open your heart, so that you become ready to receive all the magic life can give you.

A good friend is a treasure. Ιt is worth keeping your optimism and your patience high for that good good friend to arrive into your life. And there are no barriers when it is to be done, trust me._

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