Dewy makeup look for acne prone skin | 3 organic & natural products

Hey sweet friends of blog n roses!

I really really wanted to share with people who have acne prone skin and acne scars (like me) all the natural products (as an ex cystic acne sufferer) that I am using in order to achieve a natural looking dewy skin, which does not irritate my skin. First of all, thank you for following blog n roses! You probably already know how much I support natural beauty, organic products and anything green and sustainable.

As for makeup, I do prefer to keep it minimal and as affordable as possible. However I often consider it as a form of art and as a relaxing process that helps me reduce my anxiety. So, there are some days that I really enjoy doing my makeup. But it needs to be natural and most of the time organic and toxic free. I believe so much in high quality natural products and I also feel that keeping your makeup minimal releases all the stress that over-consumerism would cause.

So, this year, I have gathered all of my natural makeup products that really work in achieving this dewy look and I would love to show them to you.

I always admired the dewy skin, the one that is radiant and glowing – not greasy – and I thought that it would be really hard to achieve that look on a skin with acne scars and skin issues in general, like mine. But thanks to only three natural cosmetic products I believe I did it and I more than happy with the results.

Moreover, none of the natural products that I am using here contain high or medium comedogenic natural oils, because so far anything that contains them – even their purest form- breaks me out immediately and badly. However there is an exception with my Living Libations BSE Rose and Seabuckthorn which both include a small amount of coconut oil in their ingredients. In fact, the rest of the herbs and essential oils in them, are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial etc so I guess they do not let the coconut oil clog my pores and create new acne.


First I moisturized my skin with my beloved Saadia Organics argan oil (moisturizing, non-comedogenic oil = doesn’t clog pores). Two minutes later I applied with my fingers my favourite concealer in the world (natural and hydrating, that also doesn’t clog pores), the Duet Perfecting Concealer by Hynt Beauty in the shade Medium. I also use it to cover some of my red marks and pimples around the face and for a natural product, it works amazing on the skin! It offers one of the best coverages in the whole green beauty market and it lasts so so long under the eyes! Since it is hydrating (and nourishing) to the skin, it is easily applied and it doesn’t sit in the fine lines or the bags. In an instant, my eye area becomes relaxed, revived, looking younger and so much more beautiful. It compliments the skin so well and if you ask me, this is my holy grail beauty product!

Then I used my Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation in Beige 3 (which is mineral and consists of just 5 organic ingredients which are beneficial to the acne prone skin) and I applied it with a fluffy brush by buffing it in with circular motions to get that satin finish look.

Lastly, I applied – on top of everything else – the wonderful Vanilla Highlighter by Ere Perez cosmetics in the shade Falling Star on the cheekbones and the tip and bridge of my nose, for the ultimate natural glow! What is wondeful about that highlighter is that it is extremely buildable and you can adapt it to an everyday fresh look or a night date/clubbing! Also, it’s not sticky or greasy! It’s texture is velvety to the skin, which I love, plus it lasts throughout the day.

All of the products that I used are non toxic and most of them are also organic.







And this is how I achieved a natural looking dewy skin with just 3 natural products 🙌💕💪

I hope you enjoyed this post!

If you try this dewy looking skin look, please feel free to leave me a comment!

Until next time,

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