How to look younger naturally | 5 little changes will make the big difference

Sometimes it’s as simple as this. «Less is more» & that is the key of a younger looking appearance!

Remember when we were 16 and tried so hard to look older & more mature? I must admit that I used to put a lot of black eyeliner at the waterline of my eyes! I bet you did too.

Well.. things like that must stay in the past if you want to look younger!

Here are 10 amazing things you can do to look younger absolutely naturally, toxic free, organically & healthy!

1. Organic oils. They are the must have organic product for your skincare. You can use them for so many skin purposes & their benefits are numerous. Their antioxidants & intense moisturizing properties can give you back all the healthy glow & make you look younger in an instant, trust me! Favourite organic oils for this purpose are pure organic argan oil and ofcourse, organic rosehip oil! The last one is the k i n g of young looking skin! My ideal vegan blend of organic oils which contain organic Rosehip oil is the one by Evolve Beauty! It’s the most nourising & hydrating thing I have ever put on my face. Always choose pure & organic oils.

2. Make your makeup routine as minimal as it gets.. You don’t need all these products & by-products companies try to sell you. To be honest, they create needs that you don’t even have! Let’s start from there. Limit yourself to the basics. Not only it will save you so much money & time, but you will also look more natural, more fresh & ofcourse younger! Repeat after me: «I don’t really need an eye primer, a brow gel, countouring, baking, a lip liner, more than two palettes of eyeshadows or even a setting spray». And don’t forget, the less the layers of foundation, the better. Making your skin look semi-transparent can make you look a lot younger right away. Also, the quality of the products you are using will define your skin’s health & youth. So, go for the organic makeup products! They won’t only make you look beautiful, but they will enhance your natural beauty by protecting it & sometimes even healing it (for example, mineral foundations).

3. Don’t overdo your hair. It’ s not a good idea to freak out everytime you see the routes. In fact, let the natural routes grow a little, so that the rest of the hair harmonizes your face frame. I have noticed that whenever I dye or highlight my hair, the routes are critical for the final result. If they aren’t touched, I look more natural & everything seems more blend in. Your natural routes can make you look younger, believe it or not. Moreover, it seems that shiny, voluminous & healthy hair really makes you look & feel younger. Trim every 2-3 months the destroyed ends & let your hair be at their best condition.

4. Initiate a sport you like & stick to it. Help your metabolism be fast & your whole body to be in shape. A firm, low-fat body will make you look at your very best. As the years go by, we usually tend to look more bulky, lose elasticity, loose body skin & so much more. So, don’t give up & go get the healthy & young looking body you deserve! The food you eat is also very important. Did you know that sugar makes the skin age like crazy? Did you also know that vegetables & fruit can very well preserve your youth? And never forget your sunscreen before you go out! Also, drink at least 2 litres of water every single day, to hydrate your body, skin, hair.

5. Sometimes the way we dress can make us look so much older. The strict, formal, lady-like type of clothes can add years, sometimes even decades! Try to be smart when it comes to clothes. There are some rules that can make you look a lot younger by wearing some specific wardrobe pieces, like jeans. In fact, by combining jeans with other strict pieces like your white shirt or your black pointed high heels, you give your look a teenage vibe, without risking not to look chic enough.


And last but not least, be careful with how you are using your makeup products! There are some no-no to your techniques which I wish you have stopped doing them even from high school. Unfortunately lots of layers of mascara age us, dry mascara ages us, black eyeliner on the waterline ages us (also make our eyes appear smaller), thick eyeliner on the upper eyelid ages us, dark lipsticks ages us (especially when we are over 30), powders & foundations who sit on the pores & on the fine lines/wrinkles age us, dark eyeshadows if not used properly (very good blending, smooth result etc.) age us. So avoid any of those aging habits & let your natural beauty blossom!

Here are some organic makeup products that will help you look younger:

1. Mineral Powder Foundation that doesn’t sit on pores & wrinkles by Hynt Beauty (A finely milled powder with organic extracts and oils to hydrate the skin, minimise redness and even out discolouration. It feels light as air, and provides full, natural looking coverage without looking dry or cakey. The formula is also free from skin irritating Bismuth Oxychloride.)
2. Finelly milled natural concealer, that doesn’t sit on pores, fine lines & wrinkles by Hynt Beauty (Lightweight, full coverage concealer to colour correct discolouration, acne, age spots and dark circles. The formula is infused with botanical extracts and oils to help heal and protect the skin. It doesn’t contain coconut oil. It is made of anti-inflammatory, calming and healing ingredients that encourages the production of keratin to rejuvenate skin. It is packed with vitamins A, E and D to nourish the skin.) Natural Health – International Beauty Awards Winner 2018!!!!
3. Vegan blush balm, which acts as a second skin – perfect even for mature skin – & blends smoothly with your foundation, by Ere Perez (It contains carrot – used as a natural pigment, also helps to protect the skin from pre-mature ageing & avocado oil – skin softening and moisturising for hydrated skin.)
4. Cream highlighter for a gorgeous glow, which contains & smells natural vanilla by Ere Perez (Vanilla Highlighter creates healthy looking skin for a fresh, daytime look, or adds extra glamour for an evening look. It is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which fight aging signs, moisturise & hydrate the skin. It makes your whole makeup very fresh & youthful. )
5. Creamy vegan lipstick, enriched with nourishing oils by Axiology (With a texture of a lip balm combined with the look of a lipstick, the formula feels so lightweight yet delivers rich and long lasting pigment. The colour is derived from mineral powder pigments and is completely free from synthetics, parabens, palm oil and petrochemicals. It has the best reviews!)
Some of the above products, I am wearing them on my IG account photos.


I hope you found this article helpful!

Feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you 🙂

Until next time,

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Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash


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