Which Best Skin Ever by Living Libations should I choose?

Yesterday I got an email from a lovely lady who was in a big dilemma about which one of the following three Best Skin Ever organic oil blends by the organic brand Living Libations she should order, according to her skin needs.
Thankfully I had the chance to try all of them during the last three years and I believe I now have a complete view on how they have worked on my skin and how I was benefited from them.
Since I trully respect people’s money and having been myself in a difficult financial place a lot of times, I know how much someone would consider and reconsider ordering any high end organic beauty product, such as BSE’s. They are not cheap, because they are consisted of rare and  amazing organic ingredients. They really worth their money, they bring results and their price is totally justified.
So… When it’s time to choose the best BSE for your own skin needs, you might find helpful the following advice, which is based on my own opinion, skin type (combination, prone to acne, acne scars, sensitive to coconut) and experiences:
1. Seabuckthorn BSE. The most affordable one. Luckily the coconut oil which is included in this organic oil blend, did not clog my pores & did not create any new acne. This was surprising! I now believe that all the other anti-inflammatory ingredients which are included, worked in a way that they protected fully my skin from clogging. Moreover, just two weeks after daily application of Seabuckthorn BSE, my skin literally transformed. The complexion became smoother, brighter and the most obvious result was that any discolorations that I had, disappeared. It was like I didn’t need for the first time in my life any foundation to look good. Also, the acne was reduced and even the T-zone was less greasy. The only con was that it didn’t moisturize enough my skin. I needed some extra moisturizing oil or day cream over it, to bring some moisture back to the skin. It’s aroma is grounding and quite strong, but it fades away quite fast leaving a slight herbal scent.
2. Sandalwood BSE. The most expensive one. This oil blend is my favourite. I was really hesitant ordering it at first, due to it’s high price, but that was money very well spent. It actually did everything for me, it met ALL of my skin needs! It is highly moisturizing/hydrating and you won’t need any extra moisturising cream/oil on top of it! Also, it is very anti-inflammatory & helped me so much with acne that I would consider it as an anti-acne treatment, very nutritious to the skin, you could feel your skin more plump immediately and it also worked as a primer! It felt on the skin so velvety that my foundation (loose powder) would be applied so so evenly. This oil blend is my all-in-one product for daily usage and it saves you from other beauty products right away (moisturising creme, anti-acne treatment, cleanse foam, primer, night creme etc)! As for it’s aroma, it’s so grounding and it makes you feel instantly safe and relaxed.
3. Rose BSE. The quite expensive one. Consisted of rose otto aka Rosa damascena which is not only antiaging and amazing for fine lines and scars, but also highly moisturising and makes the skin look youthfull and plumper immediately! You will be amazed, trust me. What is more is that this blend might not treat acne like the other two BSE’s, but it won’t clog your pores nor will create any new acne, even though it contains coconut oil. I am highly sensitive to coconut oil but it didn’t negatively affect my skin.
Also, it’s texture is the most velvety thing I have exprerienced and it is the PERFECT organic primer for applying your foundation. It feels like the most high end primer you have ever tried and your foundation will be applied soooooo so smoothly and will instantly make you look like a natural beauty and totally photo ready 😉 As for it’s aroma, wow. It smells divine. Herbal and at the same time sweet and sensual, I guess due to the Ylang essential oil.

See you on the next post,

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ps. All of the above BSE’s by Living Libations, also work amazingly as oil cleansers, with the oil cleansing method, known as OCM. Read more on a previous post!


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