Sandalwood Best Skin Ever review!

It's been six months since I made my last purchase from my lovely Living Libations. So I decided to share with you my own complete view of one of my favorite natural and organic skincare products, Sandalwood Best Skin Ever oil! Not only did I use it as a main part of my oil cleansing … Συνεχίστε την ανάγνωση Sandalwood Best Skin Ever review!


Alima pure eyeshadow in Venus (review)

I finally received my first Alima pure Luminous Shimmer Mineral eyeshadow in the shade Venus and I have been amazed..! I have been looking for a long time for a neutral shimmery and natural eyeshadow and I believe that my prayers were heard. I now have this beauuutiful product in my hands, which contains minimal … Συνεχίστε την ανάγνωση Alima pure eyeshadow in Venus (review)

Study coffee spots as a trend

The last few years, there is an upwards trend regarding public study spaces, where people of all ages can enjoy beverages, snacks and coffee while studying or working. Most of them, bring along their laptops, books and tablets and there is usually power sockets available on every desk, free wifi and some spaces even play … Συνεχίστε την ανάγνωση Study coffee spots as a trend